Divas Options By Helga Otero


Helga Otero

Helga Otero is a Young Hispanic Businesswoman who worked in the events, sales, and marketing industry to later redirect to digital marketing for more than 20 years focused on business development in different scenarios, needs and areas of opportunity in Latin America. As a result of Hurricane Maria, she relocated her Caribbean operations center to the Continental E.U., developing the art of reinvention, and resilience. Thanks to God, and a year after "Maria", the creation of a new cyber family, Divas Options LLC. Dedicated to sales through different social platforms, finding their customers a practical alternative according to the new times aimed at online sales while preserving the personalized service that every consumer attracts and deserves, thus creating not only your company Divas Options LLC but a community with a purpose that aims not only to sell but to educate, help and inspire its members.