Diva Box


This is me ...

Mrs. Helga Otero is a prolific young Hispanic businesswoman who works in events, sales, and marketing industry, adding thereafter digital direct marketing, focusing on business development in multiple existing and emerging market opportunity scenarios for over twenty years, throughout the Caribbean and Latin America region.


After the devastation suffered by 2017 Hurricane María, she relocated her business operations to the continental United States, further developing her reinvention and resilience capacities, through the creation and development of her new cyber digital family – Divas Options LLC ® in less than a year.


Presently, Divas Options LLC ® has become one of the leaders in capturing this consistent growing business and sales niche throughout the various social media platforms. By offering its clientele, continued developing and practical alternatives in online sales with and added customized personalized service, Divas Options LLC ® has become a value added, community with purpose enterprise. Not only it sells its products, but it also educates, assists, and inspire its customers, producing a positive recruiting and by back clientele. Mrs. Helga Otero is a Certified Coach in Business Development by the International Coaching Federation ®.